Alaska Folk Festival (Virtual) 1st Night


Details Event by Alaska Folk Festival Online: bit.ly Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 10:30 PM EDT Price: Free Public · Anyone on or off Facebook Join us for the first night of community mainstage performances at the 46th Alaska Folk Festival! We had an overwhelming response to our call for video performances! We'll be featuring ~50 performances per night on from April 8-10) Whew! Each evening's concert will run ~3.5 hours, starting at 6:30pm AKDT. All mainstage concerts are free and open to the public. To attend, just head to AFF's YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/akfolkfest Please join us in the chat window to say hello to old friends! (You'll need a YouTube account to do so.) The Alaska Folk Festival is only made possible through community financial support. Please help us keep the festival running during these strange times by donating here: https://akfolkfest.org/donate

The moment we've all been waiting for...here's the Thursday lineup:

1: Wings to Fly · Shonti Elder (fiddle/vocals), Elsa Aegerter (guitar/vocals), Karl Wilhelmi (mandolin/guitar/vocals) · Anchorage, Alaska · Sweet harmonies, uplifting songs.

2: Q (guitar/harmonica/vocals) · Short song with harmonica and guitar + vocals

3: Lee Asnin (guitar) · Blind Boy Fuller’s “Keep on Trucking Mama”

4: Patrick Webb (fiddle) · Los Alamos, New Mexico · Three jigs for Colleen

5: The Radio Flyers · Lake Bartlett (vocals/banjo), Finn Kesey (mandolin), Eli Crupi (guitar), Brandon Campbell (drums), Jack Schwarting (bass) · Juneau, Alaska · We’re going to play some folk-rock songs in a boat condo.

6: Irish Coffee · Carl Schrader, (Irish flute/tin whistle/mandolin), Kristin Larson (fiddle), Tony Yorba, (mandolin/octave mandolin), Chris Meade (guitar) · Juneau, Alaska · 4 tunes, 4 parts: 1 part coffee, 1 part cream, 1 part sugar, 1 part whiskey

7: Heartstrings · Craig Smith (guitar/vocals) and Kathy Petraborg (vocals) · Juneau, Alaska

8: Roland Roberts Band · Roland Roberts (guitar/vocals), Matt Faubion (mandolin), Alvin Fernandez (bass), Matthew Wallace (drums) · Anchorage, Alaska · 2 original songs from my debut album "All About The Timing"

9: Dawn Berg (vocals) · Anchorage, Alaska · A capella songs from around the world

10: Allan Edwards (vocals/guitar) · Juneau, Alaska · The song is called "Yellow is the Color," recorded by Donovan.

11: Erin Tilly (vocals/drum/pennywhistles) · Fairbanks, Alaska · Here goes nothing.

12: Annie Hopper (vocals/guitar) · Black Rapids, Alaska · Original songs in an ice cave in the Eastern Alaska Range.

13: Highway 64 · Dylan Weiser (guitar), Kendall Potter (bass/banjo), Josh Kennedy (banjo) · Morehead, Kentucky · Kentucky Bluegrass

14: Mark Mandeville (guitar/vocals) and Raianne Richards (clarinet/vocals) · Webster, Massachusetts · Performances of two songs during quarantine from their home in Massachusetts

15: Michael Truax (guitar/vocals) · Juneau, Alaska · Mike party of one

16: Haggis Maximus · Tony Yorba (mandolin), Dave Hunsaker (vocals/cittern/Scottish small pipes), Heather Parker-Tracy (vocals/violin), Steve Tada (violin/viola) · Juneau, Alaska

17: Lucy Hankins · Lucy Hankins (fiddle) and Jim Pfeiffenberger (guitar) · Allentown Polka

18: My American Myth · Marc (vocals/guitar/harmonica) · Juneau, Alaska · Performance of a song called "Flung" on acoustic guitar with harmonica accompaniment.

19: Turnagain Blues · Bill Ostrand (guitar) and Sarah McCabe (bass guitar/vocals) · Anchorage, Alaska · We perform old country (folk)blues. We have selected two tunes from the 1930s to play.

20: Josh Revak (vocals/guitar) and John Bitney (guitar) · Juneau, Alaska · Old Bones, a song I wrote on my way back to Iraq

21: Dale Wygant and the Fiery Gypsies · Dale Wygant (accordion), Steve Tada (violin), Beth Liebowitz (clarinet), Bruce Simonson (guitar), John Staub (bass) · Juneau, Alaska · Dale and the Fiery Gypsies are back together again, with tunes from around the campfire. Recorded at the City Museum in Juneau.

22: Jeanie's Kitchen Band · Katie Henry (guitar), Hiram Henry (guitar), Terry Schwarz (bass), Riley Woodford (harp/slide) · Juneau, Alaska · A song by Pat, from Jeanie's kitchen, for Y'all.

23: West/Winship · Eli West (electric guitar) and Ben Winship (mandolin) · Seattle, Washington and Victor, Idaho · Pony Boy/Westfork Gals medley

24: Pink Bandera And The D · Jaime Bricker (ukulele), Matt Deach (guitar), Katie Kollasch (vocals) · Skagway, Alaska · Cover of "Look at Miss Ohio", originally performed by Gillian Welch

25: Jim's Red Pants · Hillary Wagner (fiddle) and Rick Wagner (bouzouki) · Dayton, Ohio · We're performing A Country Dance and Candle Gill

26: Chris Thompson & Friends · Chris Thompson (vocals/guitar), Rolfe Buzzell (harmonica), Harrison Jennings (mandolin), Rebecca Bingham (vocals) · Anchorage, Alaska · We're performing Chris Thompson's song, "Silver Wings".

27: Lost On C · Allan Edwards (guitar/vocals/didgeridoo) · Juneau, Alaska · "Hang Me, Oh Hang Me" based on Dave Van Ronk's classic performance.

28: Randy Clepper (bouzouki) · Columbus, Ohio · Irish bouzouki player from Columbus, Ohio. I'm playing a 5-part hornpipe called "The Groves", which I learned from the flute playing of Matt Molloy, on the Irish bouzouki.

29: John Palmes (fiddle/vocals) · Juneau, Alaska · Singing with the fiddle

30: Kage Free (vocals/banjo) · Anchorage, Alaska · Singing Salty Dog on banjo with my own version of verses.

31: Jim Simard (guitar/vocals) · Juneau, Alaska · "The Moon's a Harsh Mistress," Jimmy Webb's beautiful ballad, has long been one of my favorite songs. I've borrowed some of Pat Metheny's guitar arrangement.

32: The House Family Band · Tony Tengs (vocals/guitar) and Michael Bucy (trombone) · Juneau, Alaska · Short song with semi-comedic short breakdown pause in the middle

33: Thomas Meyer (drum set) · Juneau, Alaska · Sing, Sing, Sing - in the memory of Ron Maas

34: Somewhere In Between · Kristin Larson (vocals/bass) and Luke Weld (guitar/bass) · Juneau, Alaska · Two original songs performed in the Resurrection Lutheran Church in Downtown Juneau.

35: Sunnyslope Stringband · Amelia Carpenter (fiddle), Greg Nappi (banjo), Erin Tilly (banjo) · Fairbanks, Alaska · A fiddle and two banjos finally getting to play after a long winter

36: Allan Edwards (guitar/vocals/didgeridoo) · Juneau, Alaska · I lived in Australia for 13 years and sat around campfires with aboriginal people. I just kept quiet. This song is about the plight of the aboriginal people.

37: Jim Noel (keyboard) · Juneau, Alaska · Wayne Shorter's "Speak No Evil"

38: Ryan Stanley (guitar/vocals) · Solo acoustic

39: Andrew Heist (fiddle) and Erin Heist (guitar) · Juneau, Alaska · Erin and Andrew play one of the songs that has gotten us through isolation -- by playing it over and over again.

40: Lisa and John · Lisa Maloney (accordion), John Ingman (pipes), Caitlin Warbelow (fiddle) · Anchorage and Sitka, Alaska, and New York City, NY · We're playing "The Alaskan Hornpipe" by Lunasa's Colin Farrell, written in honor of Lis Saya.

41: The Lost Lakers · Karen Foote (vocals/guitar) and Tim Foote (vocals/guitar) · Fairbanks, Alaska · Original Alaskana songs

42: Denise Martin (hammered dulcimer) and Jim Kerr (guitar) · Anchorage, Alaska

43: The Moving Hats · Howie Meltzer (fiddle), Robin Elwood (button accordion), Beth Loudon (vocals), Jesse Stanton (guitar) · Bellingham, Washington · Two Sword Dance Tunes/Suil A Ruin

44: The Empty Oil Barrel Band · Ed Schoenfeld (vocals/keyboard), Riley Woodford (vocals/guitar), Maggie Schoenfeld (vocals), Jon Pollard (vocals), Terry Schwarz (bass) · Juneau, Alaska · We've been writing and performing political and cultural parodies and original songs for almost four decades. This year, we take on life during the coronavirus pandemic. Apologies to Bob Dylan.

45: Dave Robison (autoharp) · Oregon · Father Kelly's on autoharp

46: Steve Zarate (vocals/guitar) · Athens, Ohio · Singer/songwriter performs an original song about Juneau’s Shrine Of Saint Therese.

47: The Geoff Kirsch Experience Experiment Projeqt feat. Margie McWilliams and Chris Dionisio · Geoff Kirsch (guitar/vocals), Margie McWilliams (fiddle), Chris Dionisio (percussion) · Juneau, Alaska · When life keeps you off the speedway, boogie in your garage.

48: Sand Witches · Rashah McChesney (vocals), Wendy Hladick (vocals), Josh Walton (vocals), Salome Starbuck (vocals), Sonia Kumar (vocals), Owen Cruise (guitar/vocals), Jess Parks (vocals/guitar), Ariel Svetlik (bass), Annie Bartholomew (banjo/vocals) · Juneau, Alaska · We're a Juneau-based, drop-in band focused on harmony, collaboration and the occasional murder ballad. We're collaborating digitally this year for folk fest on some good old American Gospel music.