Alaska Folk Festival (Virtual) 2nd Night


Details Event by Alaska Folk Festival Online: bit.ly Friday, April 9, 2021 at 10:30 PM EDT Price: Free Public · Anyone on or off Facebook Join us for the second night of community mainstage performances at the 46th Alaska Folk Festival! We had an overwhelming response to our call for video performances! We'll be featuring ~50 performances per night on from April 8-10) Whew! Each evening's concert will run ~3.5 hours, starting at 6:30pm AKDT. All mainstage concerts are free and open to the public. To attend, just head to AFF's YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/akfolkfest Please join us in the chat window to say hello to old friends! (You'll need a YouTube account to do so.) The Alaska Folk Festival is only made possible through community financial support. Please help us keep the festival running during these strange times by donating here: https://akfolkfest.org/donate

The moment we've all been waiting for...here's the Friday lineup:

1: Chrisman Sisters · Beth Chrisman (guitar/banjo/vocals), Tara Chrisman (guitar/vocals), Jerry Hagins (banjo) · Austin, TX and Fairbanks, Alaska · Sisters Tara & Beth Chrisman singing sweet lonesome tunes

2: Jim Pfeiffenberger (mountain dulcimer) · An original tune on the mountain dulcimer

3: Wendy Hladick (vocals/keyboard) and Sonia Kumar (vocals/ukulele) · Juneau, Alaska · Wendy and Sonia will play the song, "Mexico," by the Staves. They weave their sirenian voices together with Wendy on keys and Sonia on ukulele.

4: XTRA-TUFF · Beth Leibowitz (clarinet/piano) and Cecily Morris (flute/piano) · Waltzes

5: Deborah Wood (piano/vocals) · Juneau, Alaska · Piano / vocal solo

6: Caitlin Warbelow (fiddle) and Chris Ranney (piano) · New York City, NY · Tunes, supplied all the way from New York City, for the best festival on earth.

7: Daniel Firmin (acoustic guitar/vocals) · Solo performance of Pete Seeger's version of "How Can I Keep From Singing"

8: Abigail Zahasky · Abigail Zahasky (piano/vocal), Paul Zahasky (vocals), Melissa Zahasky (vocals), Laura Zahasky (vocals) · Juneau, Alaska · An original piece written by Abigail Zahasky, performed with vocals from the Alaska String Band.

9: Steve Zarate (vocals/guitar) · Athens, OH · Singer/songwriter performs an original song called “Living In Alaska.”

10: The Sundews · Stephanie Harold (vocals/banjo), Ben McLuckie (vocals/fiddle), Ian Johnson (vocals/guitar) · Hoonah, Alaska · Wanderings of a clawhammer banjo, bluegrass fiddle, and folk guitar.

11: Mark Wittow (vocal/guitar) · Guitar/vocal performance of "Wall of Death" by Richard Thompson

12: The Brewskis · Steve Swochak (guitar) and Larry Lambert (guitar) · Newburyport, Massachusetts · The song is called the COVID BLUES

13: Annie B and Wendy · Annie Bartholomew (vocals/guitar) and Wendy Hladick (vocals/accordion) · Juneau, Alaska · We will cover a Buddy and Julie Miller tune called “Out in the Rain.”

14: Aldyn & Julius · Aldyn Brudie (vocals/ukulele) and Julius Adolfsson (vocals/guitar) · Juneau, Alaska and Sweden · We perform the song "Plåster" by songwriter/producer, Oskar Linnros. Plåster means "band-aid" in Swedish. Sometimes it's best for everyone to just rip them off.

15: Anouk Otsea · Anouk Otsea (dancer/director/choreographer), Robert Newman (musician/composer), Ryan Cortés Pérez (director of photography) · Juneau, Alaska and Brooklyn, New York · "Solace" is a short film created for, about, and in collaboration with Juneau, Lingít Aaní, the ancestral land of the Auk Kwan people. Juneau's mountains, beaches, and rainforests have served as my creative solace during a time when I felt many things in my artistic life coming to an abrupt halt. In collaboration with Robert Newman and Ryan Cortés, we strove to showcase the resilience as well as the vulnerability of Juneau’s natural wonders and the way in which they have kept the beauty of art alive in our bodies.

16: The Radio Flyers · Lake Bartlett (vocals/banjo), Finn Kesey (mandolin), Eli Crupi (guitar), Brandon Campbell (drums), Jack Schwarting (bass) · Juneau, Alaska · We’re going to play some folk-rock songs in a boat condo.

17: The Honey Badgers · Heather Parker (fiddle), Lu Seapy (guitar/vocals), Dale Brandenburger (harmonica) · Juneau, Alaska and The Dalles, Oregon · Mix up rocking harmonica, sweet harmonies, and outrageous fiddle playing and you get The Honey Badgers.

18: Josh Fortenbery (vocals/guitar) · Juneau, Alaska · After a year of needing to look presentable only from the waist up, I find myself wondering: can I position a camera so my guitar is visible but my legs are not? Or do I finally need to change out these sweatpants? Searching for the answer and playing a new ditty live from home.

19: The Foggy Tops Bluegrass Band · Tim Triggs (harmonica/vocals), Emily Waligoske (fiddle), Mike Hendricks (mandolin), Rune Jensen (dobro), Richard Turco (bass) · Boulder, Denver, and Nederland, Colorado · St. James Infirmary

20: Randy Clepper (bouzouki) · Columbus, Ohio · Randy Clepper, Irish bouzouki player from Columbus, Ohio. In this video I'm playing a set of reels on the Irish bouzouki. The tunes are The Lady's Cup of Tea / The Steeplechase / The Green Gowned Lass.

21: Weasel Gras Cajun Band · Aileen McInnis (fiddle/vocals), Brian DeMarcus (bass/vocals), Jason Bent (accordion), Steve Montooth (guitar), Christy Williams (triangle), George Sleichter (fiddle) · Anchorage, Alaska · Playing Cajun Two Steps and Waltzes for your dancing pleasure.

22: Mark Mandeville (guitar/vocals) and Raianne Richards (clarinet/ukulele/vocals) · Webster, Massachusetts · Performances of two songs during quarantine from their home.

23: Inna Rivkin (vocals/keyboard) · Fairbanks, Alaska · Inna Rivkin, a singer-songwriter in Fairbanks, Alaska, sings visually creative folk originals with evocative melodies, poetic lyrics, and echoes of wilderness.

24: Rev. Dr. Trimble Gilbert with Family & Friends · Rev. Dr. Trimble Gilbert (fiddle), Bob Gilbert (guitar), Curtis Gilbert (bass) · Arctic Village, Alaska · Gwich'in fiddling is wonderful dance music! Get ready to kick up your heels with the Hankerchief Dance and Red River Jig--two of the favorite tunes of the Rev. Dr. Trimble Gilbert in Arctic Village. Join him in the Arctic Village Community Hall and his own home as he jams with friends and family.

25: Ryan Bowers (vocals/guitar) · Fairbanks, Alaska · Best known for contributing his driving bass and soaring tenor to contra dance and string bands like Eel House, Norris Bowers Band, and Lost Dog Stringband, Ryan Bowers is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and father from Fairbanks, Alaska. Trained in voice at UAF, and in bass and songwriting at Berklee, his songs range from the cinematic to the intimate, from the personal to the global, and from the familiar to the uncommon.

26: Super Bear · Travis Croteau (guitar/vocals), Libby Sterling (fiddle), Ben Higden (lap steel) · Juneau, Alaska · One Super Bear original tune!

27: Erin Heist (guitar/vocals) · Juneau, Alaska · Another Rainy Day was written in 2020, an epically rainy summer in Juneau. Sung and performed on acoustic guitar.

28: John Palmes (singer/mouthbow) · Juneau, Alaska · Mouthbow rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in English and Tlingit…

29: Turnagain Blues · Bill Ostrand (guitar) and Sarah McCabe (bass guitar/vocals) · Anchorage, Alaska · We perform old country (folk)blues. We have selected two tunes from the 1930s to play.

30: Peter Salett (guitar/vocals) · Brooklyn, NY · I'm singing an original song called "A World Gone Mad" - and sending my love to Juneau!

31: JD Mason (guitar/vocals) · Delta, Alaska, me playing one song at home

32: Dave Robison (concertina) · Oregon · Wreck of the Dandenong

33: New Twin · Lucas Heger (guitar/vocals), Sean Watson (bass/vocals), Jake Watson (guitar/vocals), Nat Healy (drums) · Skagway, Alaska · We performed in our practice space, which is upstairs at our drummer Nat's house in Skagway, AK.

34: Dawn Berg (vocals) · Anchorage, Alaska · A capella songs from around the world

35: SaraBeth · Elizabeth Ekins (guitar) and Sara McDaniel (ukulele) · Juneau, Alaska · Guitar and ukulele rearrangement of Mad World

36: The Fedelitys · Lois Fedele (vocals/guitar) and Laya Fedele (vocals/guitar/cello) · Anchorage, Alaska · Lois Fedele and her granddaughter Laya Fedele sing and play guitar and cello. Performing original songs written by Lois.

37: Sarah C Hanson (guitar/vocals) · Petersburg, Alaska · An original song by Sarahsea next to the music tree, in Bearing Song, Petersburg, AK.

38: Kim Moberg (guitar/vocals) · Cape Cod, Massachusetts · Juneau born Tlingit Native and award winning singer/songwriter Kim Moberg performs her original song "Angels Fly", from Kim's 2nd album titled "Up Around The Bend", written for her sister who passed away from breast cancer in 2017.

39: Genevieve Coleman (vocals/guitar) · Juneau, Alaska · 8-year-old Genevieve just starting playing guitar in November. She learned the finger pluck chords in February and loves playing for her instructor, Mary DeSmet at Full Circle Music. Genevieve strives for an authentic sound, bringing her spirit of happiness and joy to others through Three Little Birds.

40: Kinky Slinky · Bill Schnabel (guitar), Mary Beth Leigh (cello/vocals), John Keech (bass), Liz Kane and Jennifer Anderson (clone bride dancers) · Fairbanks, Alaska · Original song "Bride of Freedom" written by Mary Beth Leigh, and performed by Kinky Slinky.

41: Adalia Deach (ukulele) · Skagway, Alaska · Ukulele and singing by Adalia, a sophomore at Skagway High School

42: Myron Welling (vocals/guitar) · Juneau, Alaska · I Ain't Afraid of a Hug

43: Sunny Porch Collaborative · Juneau, Alaska Original song entitled 'Song for Cedar'

44: Jim's Red Pants · Hillary Wagner (mandolin) and Rick Wagner (mandolin) · Dayton, Ohio · Mandolin duet playing two waltzes: Romuddens Waltz after Christian Oskarsson

45: Van Fleet and the Delivery Boys · Vicki Van Fleet (vocals), Jim Powell (mandolin, vocals), Chris Meade (acoustic guitar), Odin Brudie (electric bass/acoustic guitar), Tom Meyer (drums), Terry Schwarz (electric guitar, bass) · Juneau, Alaska · Presenting a a Kate Wolf tune featuring the soothing voice of Vicki Van Fleet backed up with acoustic strings, drums and bass.

46: Heather Mountcastle (guitar/vocals) and Eric Graves (guitar) · Ester, Alaska · An arrangement of George Gershwin's 'Summertime' featuring Heather Mountcastle on vocals/guitar and Eric Graves on guitar with some dreamy picking and harmonics.

47: Koski Family Band · Travis (mandolin/guitar), Warren (banjo), Ruby (violin/guitar), Gracie (ukulele) · Juneau, Alaska · Performing folk and bluegrass music

48: Marian Call (vocals/guitar) · Normally Marian plays with friends, but during quarantine she has tackled learning the guitar for herself! This is Marian's first solo Folk Fest performance of one of the first songs she ever wrote, "Dark Dark Eyes," for a teenager in need of some encouragement.

49: Meg and Mike · Meg O'Mullane (fiddle) and Mike Loso (banjo) · Anchorage and Girdwood, Alaska · Tunes played on fiddle and banjo in the old-time tradition.

50: Aleksandra & Gramps · Aleksandra Jo Thibeault (vocals) and David Bleicher (guitar/vocals) · Anchorage and Auke Bay, Alaska · We will be singing John Prine's “Summer's End”

51: Landbridge Tollbooth · Jim Dory (banjo), Carol Gales (accordion), Laura Collins (bass), Dan Thomas (mandolin), Tyler Rhodes (guitar) · Nome, Alaska · We're trying Wild Bill Jones.