Alaska Folk Festival (Virtual) 3rd Night


Details Event by Alaska Folk Festival Online: bit.ly Saturday, April 10, 2021 at 10:30 PM EDT Price: Free Public · Anyone on or off Facebook Join us for the final night of community mainstage performances at the 46th Alaska Folk Festival! We had an overwhelming response to our call for video performances! We'll be featuring ~50 performances per night on from April 8-10) Whew. Each evening's concert will run ~3.5 hours, starting at 6:30pm AKDT. All mainstage concerts are free and open to the public. To attend, just head to AFF's YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/akfolkfest Please join us in the chat window to say hello to old friends! (You'll need a YouTube account to do so.) The Alaska Folk Festival is only made possible through community financial support. Please help us keep the festival running during these strange times by donating here: https://akfolkfest.org/donate

The moment we've all been waiting for...here's the Saturday lineup:

1: Raven Call · Leif Thompson (guitar), Carol Indorf (whistle/flute), Ryan Bowers (bass), Rohan Weeden (fiddle/feet) · Fairbanks, Alaska · We are playing a set of 3 tunes: Shady Grove, Wasilla Weed, and Salt River.

2: Deborah Wood (piano/vocals) · Juneau, Alaska · Piano/vocal solo

3: Wayward Jerry · Jerry Moxley (fiddle) · Anchorage, Alaska ·Fiddle tune about catching a rabbit.

4: New Twin · Lucas Heger (guitar/vocals), Sean Watson (bass/vocals), Jake Watson (guitar/vocals), Nat Healy (drums) · Skagway, Alaska · We performed in our practice space, which is upstairs at our drummer Nat's house in Skagway, AK.

5: Far From Home Recordings · Nate McDonald (fiddle) and Johnse Ostman (banjo) · Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska · Blind Steer in a Mudhole (A; from Jimmy Wheeler) and Fox Got the Chicken and Gone (A; debut original from Nate McDonald); Segundo de Chomn public domain short film(s) video overlay since neither of us had the bandwidth to share video.

6: Kinky Slinky · Bill Schnabel (guitar/vocals), Mary Beth Leigh (cello), John Keech (bass) · Fairbanks, Alaska · Original song "Ophelia" written by Bill Schnabel and performed by Kinky Slinky.

7: The Foggy Tops Bluegrass Band · Tim Triggs (harmonica/vocals), Emily Waligoske (fiddle), Mike Hendricks (mandolin), Rune Jensen (dobro), Richard Turco (bass) · Boulder, Denver, and Nederland, Colorado · Greenville Trestle High

8: Wings To Fly · Shonti Elder (fiddle/vocals), Elsa Aegerter (guitar/vocals), Karl Wilhelmi (mandolin/guitar/vocals) · Anchorage, Alaska · Sweet harmonies, uplifting songs.

9: Irish Coffee · Carl Schrader (Irish flute/tin whistle/mandolin), Kristin Larson (fiddle), Tony Yorba (mandolin/octave mandolin), Chris Meade (guitar) · Juneau, Alaska · 4 tunes, 4 parts: 1 part coffee, 1 part cream, 1 part sugar, 1 part whiskey

10: Genevieve Coleman (vocals/guitar) · Juneau, Alaska · 8-year-old Genevieve just starting playing guitar in November. She learned the finger pluck chords in February and loves playing for her instructor, Mary DeSmet at Full Circle Music. Genevieve strives for an authentic sound, bringing her soul into Down in the Valley.

11: The Empty Oil Barrel Band · Ed Schoenfeld (vocals/guitar), Maggie Schoenfeld (vocals), Jon Pollard (vocals), Terry Schwarz (bass) · Douglas and East Douglas, Alaska · We're five Alaskans ranging in age from 30 to 67. We write and perform political and social parodies and original songs, something we've done in various forms for more than three decades. This one pokes fun at the dietary battles of recent years.

12: Whiskey Class · Patrick Troll (guitar) and Liz Snyder (vocals) · Seattle, Washington · Original song about addiction.

13: Brian Murchison (tenor banjo) · Buffalo, New York · Two jigs on tenor banjo - The Drowning At Bruckless, and Bill Harte's

14: Inna Rivkin (vocals/keyboard) · Fairbanks, Alaska · Inna Rivkin, a singer-songwriter in Fairbanks, Alaska, sings visually creative folk originals with evocative melodies, poetic lyrics, and echoes of wilderness.

15: Dan Hopson (guitar) · Juneau, Alaska · Mid-70's solo guitar recordings of Dan Hopson's "Black Bart Blues" and "Traveling Light" from his yurt near Juneau, the place and time of the beginnings of the Alaska Folk Festival.

16: Winship/West · Eli West (electric guitar) and Ben Winship (mandolin) · Seattle, Washington and Victor, Idaho · Rosetta (swing tune)

17: John Ingman (Uilleann pipes) · Sitka, Alaska · 3 jigs - Trip To Athlone / The Gander at the Pratie Hole / The Yellow Wattle

18: The High 5's · Tim Ewing (vocals), Chris Gifford (drums), Paul Rodriguez Jr. (percussion), Marcus Beckman (bass), Jacob Soboleff (guitar) · Juneau, Alaska · We played an original song called "This I Know".

19: John Anderson (vocals/guitar) · Warren, Oregon · This song is inspired by an obituary I read describing a man who, among his accomplishments, sailed in the San Juan islands for a week every summer for 30 years.

20: The Chill Cats · John Ingalls (flute), Russel Sandstrom (guitar), John Lager (guitar/vocals) · Two guitars and a flute playing a bluesy tune.

21: Alaska String Band · Paul Zahasky (guitar), Melissa Zahasky (violin), Abigail Zahasky (banjo), Laura Zahasky (mandolin) · Juneau, Alaska · Life as a family band. Pre covid - traveling the world while living in a confined space with your family. Post covid - no longer traveling, still living in a confined space with your family.

22: Annie Hopper (guitar/vocals) · Black Rapids, Alaska · Original songs in an ice cave in the Eastern Alaska Range.

23: Caitlin Warbelow (fiddle) · New York City, NY · Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? - Mary Oliver

24: Rado (vocals/guitar) · Rado sings an original blues song called “Bobcat Calls” with stay-at-home black cat called “Baby Girl.”

25: Robert Xavier Newman (violin/vocals) · My original song "Stings," using my violin and a loop pedal.

26: Tracy Spring (guitar) and Steve Tada (violin) · Bellingham, Washington and Juneau, Alaska · AK's own violinist extraordinaire, Steve Tada, performs a song Tracy wrote about Steve's unsinkable Aunt Masako (and her guitar!), incarcerated during the Japanese Internment during WWII. Tracy's guitar and Steve's violin were built by Rob Goldberg from Haines, AK.

27: Mark Wittow (guitar/vocals) · Guitar/vocal performance of "Maybe It's Time," composed by Jason Isbell

28: Marc Mintz (vocals/guitar) · Juneau, Alaska · That Bear - Dedicated to the Summer of the Bear, 2020.

29: Jim Kerr (guitar) and Denise Martin (dulcimer) · Anchorage, Alaska

30: Tramwreck · Jamie Marks (guitar/vocals), TJ Lazar (mandolin), Heidi Johnsons (fiddle), Colin Osterhaut (harmonica), Sergei Morosan (bass), Tania Lewis (banjo/vocals/songwriter) · Juneau, Douglas, and Gustavus, Alaska

31: The Geoff Kirsch Experience Experiment Projeqt feat. Margie McWilliams and Chris Dionisio · Geoff Kirsch (guitar/vocals), Margie McWilliams (fiddle), Chris Dionisio (percussion) · Juneau, Alaska · When life keeps you off the speedway, boogie in your garage.

32: Skip Staples (guitar) · North Carolina · A pretty sad song, actually

33: Sunny Porch Collaborative · Melanie Brown (guitar/vocals) and Marcus Beckmann (bass guitar) · Juneau, Alaska · Original song entitled 'I Will Sing for You'

34: Heartstrings · Craig Smith (guitar/vocals) and Kathy Petraborg (vocals)· Juneau, Alaska · Easy listening/folk music

35: Rev. Dr. Trimble Gilbert with Family & Friends · Rev. Dr. Trimble Gilbert (fiddle), Brennan Firth (guitar), Willie Fields (bass) · Arctic Village, Alaska · Gwich'in fiddling is wonderful dance music! Get ready to kick up your heels with the Handkerchief Dance and Red River Jig--two of the favorite tunes of the Rev. Dr. Trimble Gilbert in Arctic Village. Join him in the Arctic Village Community Hall and his own home as he jams with friends and family.

36: Kim Moberg (guitar/vocals) · Cape Cod, Massachusetts · Juneau born, Tlingit Native and award winning singer/songwriter Kim Moberg performs her original song "The Raven" from Kim's 2nd album titled "Up Around The Bend".

37: The House Family Band · Tony Tengs (vocals/guitar) and Michael Bucy (trombone) · Juneau, Alaska · Guitar and trombone duo, with vocals. "Bread" is an antiwar song written by the late great Pat Henry, one of the founders of the Alaska Folk Festival

38: Michael Truax (guitar/vocals) · Juneau, Alaska · Mike party of one

39: Van Fleet and the Delivery Boys · Vicki Van Fleet (vocals), Jim Powell (mandolin/vocals), Chris Meade (guitar), Odin Brudie (guitar/electric bass), Tom Meyer (drums), Terry Schwarz (electric guitar/bass) · Juneau, Alaska · Presenting a Bob Dylan classic with acoustic strings, drums and bass.

40: Jakelegs · Peter Johnson (fiddle), George Sleichter (guitar), Johnse Ostman (banjo), Lauralee Honkola (bass) · Anchorage, Alaska · From lonesome to rowdy, these old-time aficionados have got a tune for you!

41: Somewhere In Between · Kristin Larson (upright bass/vocals) and Luke Weld (guitar/vocals) · A couple of friends making the most of the moment.

42: Summerfall · Jim Shepard (guitar/vocals) and Debby LeVeck (violin) · Sitka, Alaska · Summerfall live, performing original music.

43: The Brufantssons · Odin Brudie (guitar/vocals), Frankie Pillifant (cello/vocals), Aldyn Brudie (vocals), Julius Adolfsson (vocals) · Juneau, Alaska · A medley of blues with a lullaby

44: Chrisman Sisters · Beth Chrisman (guitar/banjo/vocals) and Tara Chrisman (guitar/vocals) · Austin, Texas and Fairbanks, Alaska · Sisters Tara & Beth Chrisman singing sweet lonesome tunes

45: Saltwater Hank · Jeremy Pahl (vocals/fiddle) · Prince Rupert, British Columbia · Indigenous Old-Time musician from Prince Rupert, BC.

46: Tim Easton (guitar/vocals) · Nashville, Tennessee · Original songs for everyone

47: Hermanos Harmiddijos · Banghart (fiddle), Bob-o (banjo), Grant (harmonica) · Juneau, Alaska; Victor, Idaho; and Lafayette, Louisiana · Rosin, reeds, and resonating banjo conjure up a visit from Brother Ray.

Finale: Goodnight Irene From our homes to yours, join us in singing this traditional end-of-festival song together from across the country. Next year, we'll sing together in person!! Thanks for joining us online this year. Stay safe and see you in 2022. Solo Verses: Jack Fontanella, Irene Muller, Bob Banghart, John Palmes, Ed Schoenfeld, Michael Truax Singers and Musicians: Ben McLuckie, Ben Winship, Caitlin Warbelow, Chris Ranney, Chris Thompson, Dave Robison, Fernando Rado, Harrison Jennings, Hillary & Rick Wagner, Ian Johnson, Inna Rivkin, Jamie & Melanie Brown, John Anderson, Julie Baldridge, Kathy Petraborg, Kim Moberg, Kinky Slinky, Larry Lambert, Lois & Laya Fedele, Mark Wittow, Myron Welling (bear), Patrick Webb, Randy Clepper, Rebecca Bingham, Robert X. Newman, Rolfe Buzzell, Stephanie Harold, Steve Swochak, Steve Zarate, Tracy Spring “Choir from Cars” vocals: Apryle McVey, Ardyne Womack, Bobbi Mitchell, Brett Crawford, Bruce Simonson, Catherine Goulait, Cheryl Crawford, Christina Apathy, Dan Wayne, Deborah Smith, Elizabeth Ekins, Fr. Gordon Blue, George Partlow, Jacque Farnsworth, Katherine Andrews, Kristina Paulick, Pat Spence, Patrica Hull, Paula Terrell, Rashah McChesney, Susan Lummis, Therese Thibodeau, Tom Melville